Training Your Critical Eye

The METAs are peer-juried awards, so the Jury’s observations and discussions are at the heart of the process. Because the METAs Jury is comprised of theatre practitioners from various disciplines at various stages in their careers, each of them brings a unique theatrical voice and experience to the Jury, and therefore an important perspective to the Jury’s discussions. Their critical eye is key to the integrity of this project.

What about personal taste?
Everyone has their own sense of style, their personal preferences or beliefs about the purpose of theatre (educate? entertain? enlighten?) and it would be foolish to think that this doesn’t play a part in how the Jury sees theatre and evaluates each production. The key is to distinguish between a personal preference and a (relatively) objective observation about someone else’s work. It may not always be obvious, but the attempt is worthwhile.

As part of their mandate, the METAs hope to elevate the level of critical discourse about theatre in our community. Whether you are a professional practitioner or an enthusiastic theatre goer, we encourage you to read this Guide, maybe even use it as a handbook, and please send us your feedback.

Training Your Critical Eye

Seeing through the eyes of the METAs Jury

Note: Though we want this document to be distributed broadly, we ask that you please give credit to the METAC for writing it. Thank you!