July 8, 2020: Join the METAs Committee!

The Montreal English Theatre Awards Committee is looking for new members to join its volunteer Committee. Our mandate is to serve the vibrant Montreal theatre scene by recognizing and celebrating outstanding work in the community. Candidates from all backgrounds, experience levels and gender identities are encouraged to apply.

METAs Committee members will be expected to commit to a three-year mandate, although tasks and responsibilities may be subject to change during that time. While the Committee prides itself in being understanding and flexible in regards to schedules (we are all volunteers, after all), there will be a significant time commitment required, especially leading up to the ceremony. Applicants will be expected to treat the position with the same respect and responsibility as befits a paid position. Joining the METAs Committee does come with perks, including an annual getaway weekend and the joy of working alongside passionate and dedicated theatre professionals.

The following are three examples of positions that need fulfilling. If you are interested in joining the Committee, but are not sure about fitting the responsibilities listed, please apply nonetheless as duties can shift quickly. Please note that this year’s ceremony will be virtual so the responsibility break-down may be subject to change and not all tasks may apply.

Ceremony Liaison
The Ceremony Liaison is the main point of contact for the creatives involved in the METAs ceremony. They are responsible for assembling the creative team as well as liaising with the rest of the METAs Committee. This member should be creative, organized, have contacts within the artistic community and perform well under pressure.

Tasks include:

  • Overseeing the Ceremony Creatives and Production Teams and reporting progress to the METAs Committee.
  • Coordinating with the Co-Chairs, Venue Liaison and Production Manager regarding the ceremony.
  • Engaging and coordinating the following creatives (where applicable):
    • Host (s)
    • Writer (s)
    • Director
    • Musical Director (Band)
    • Choreographer
    • Stage Manager
    • Presenters
    • Technical Director
    • Production Designer
    • Lighting Designer
    • Sound Designer
    • Video Designer
    • Board Operator (s)

Box Office Coordinator
The Box Office Coordinator is in charge of all aspects of ticketing in relation to the annual METAs ceremony. They are in charge of handling and tracking complimentary tickets as well as ticket sales (in collaboration with Communication & Marketing). This member should be organized, have ticketing experience, good customer service and know the major players of the theatre scene.

Tasks include:

  • Designing a Ticketing Policy including ticket prices, any kind of promo codes and any other relevant details.
  • Deciding on ticket prices with the Treasurer and Ceremony AD.
  • Designing and printing tickets.
  • Building a Box Office Tracker.
  • Tracking ticketing transactions and comp bookings.
  • Overseeing the creation of the seating plan in cooperation with the METAC.
  • Handling nominees’ correspondences.

Co-Company Liaison
The Company Liaison is a shared position between two METAs Committee members. They are the first point of contact for all production companies applying to be registered for the METAs jury process.

Tasks include:

  • Checking registrations to validate each production’s eligibility as per the official METAs eligibility criteria.
  • Cooperating with the Jury Liaisons to ensure clear information-transfer related, but not limited to; venue safety, trigger warnings, opening nights, show dates and times.
  • Communicating with registered companies regarding any issues or questions related to the registration process (and any other administrative items that may arise)
  • Tracking invoices and payment of registration fees.
  • Maintaining the “What’s On” section of the METAs website.
  • Collecting production photos from registered companies for the Nominees’ Announcement.

Please send your CV and a short letter of intent explaining why you are interested in joining the METAs Committee and what you think you may bring to the organization to metac@metas.ca by August 3rd, 2020. Please indicate in the subject of the email which position interests you the most! We are very excited to hear from you and look forward to your replies!

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