Become a Juror

The METAs Jury is selected by the METAC, and is comprised of 25 Montreal-based professional theatre artists from varied disciplines and representing the full diversity of our city.

The METAs Jury is responsible for the professional awards’ categories only. A separate Community Jury assesses the Community Theatre Award, and special juries are convened to determine the recipients of the Honorary Awards.

Jury members receive one complimentary ticket for each registered production, and meet quarterly to discuss the merits of all performance, design, and production elements. Jury members must attend at least 2/3rds (66%) of all registered productions to participate in the selection of Nominees and Recipients.

Members of the METAs Jury may serve for a maximum of 2 consecutive years. Jurors who have completed two years may return to the Jury after a hiatus of at least one year. An invitation to serve a second year is contingent not only on interest and availability, but also the desire to convene a Jury with diverse discipline and demographic representation. Every year, the Jury must be comprised of a majority (50 % +1) of new jurors. Therefore, returning to the Jury is never assumed.

If you would like to become a member of the METAs Jury, please send your resume and a letter to the METAs Jury Liaison outlining the following:

  • Your name and theatre discipline;
  • Your professional training, experience and affiliations;
  • Your involvement in the Montreal English theatre community;
  • Why you would like to be on the METAs Jury.

Selection of Jury members is done in July, and the season extends from September 1st to August 31st of the following year.