#WhyMETAsMatter with Davide Chiazzese

Davide Chiazzese


Davide Chiazzese:  2014-15 Recipient – Outstanding Supporting Performance, Hosanna (Tableau D’Hôte Theatre)

Q: When you first found out you were nominated for a META what was your reaction? 

A: The first time I found out I was nominated for a META was such a wonderful validating feeling. It felt like the work I was doing was being seen and it was even more special because I was being recognized by my peers.

Q: What is something no one knows about you?

A: I think I’m someone who wears my heart on my sleeve, so I don’t keep much private but one thing people might not know about me is that one of my big dreams is to be in a HIP HOP / RAP musical! 

Find out who the 2018-19 METAs Nominees are on September 26! Follow the event link for more infohttp://bit.ly/2meBRL0

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