Registration Fees

Registration fees are calculated on a sliding scale for professional / independent and community productions:

Company Overall Revenue Professional / Independent Community
Over $1,000,000 $50 $35
From $250,000 to $999,999 $45 $30
From $100,000 to $249,999 $40 $25
From $0 to $199,999 $30 $20

In addition to registration fees, producers are responsible for allocating sufficient complimentary tickets for jurors to attend their production (min.12, up to a max. 20). For more information, please contact the METAs Jury Liaisons.

Jury Tickets
Once your Registration has been approved, the METAC will send you an invoice. Fees are payable to the Montreal English Theatre Awards and must be received one (1) month before the Opening Performance in Montreal. For more information, please contact the METAs Company Liaisons.

Rules and Regulations are subject to change.