Eligibility Criteria

NOTE: The following Eligibility Criteria previously applied to productions during the 2019-2020 Season. It is is currently under review for the 2021-2022 Season by the METAs Committee. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at info@metas.ca

ALL production registrations MUST be submitted AT LEAST one (1) month prior to the first public performance in Montreal (including the Greater Montreal Area and the Eastern Townships).

To be eligible for METAs consideration, all productions must:

1.  be produced by (or co-produced with) a Montreal-based company;

The producing company must be registered and operate in the greater Montreal area: present an NEQ (Quebec enterprise number) or the Montreal home address of the principal artistic company member.

2.  be performed primarily in English;

Bilingual productions must be 51% in English (excluding subtitles). Productions presented alternately in English and French (or any other language) must be presented in English for the requisite minimum number of performances (see below).

3. be performed in a venue that is safe and regulatory;

The presenting venue should have accessible fire exits, sufficient smoke detectors, and washrooms, as prescribed by the Quebec Safety Code, and respect the maximum capacity.

4.  be performed within the award season (September 1 to August 31);

5.  adhere to the METAs Anti-Harassment Policy.

Professional Theatre
To be eligible for METAs consideration, professional productions must also meet the following criteria:

6.  agree to offer a minimum of 15 complimentary tickets for the members of the METAs Jury and the Jury Moderator, for at least nine (9) performances, over at least two (2) consecutive weekends in Montreal (including the Greater Montreal Area and the Eastern Townships);

7.  i) be produced (or co-produced) by a PACT company;


ii) engage artists under an Equity contract: Independent Theatre Agreement (ITA), Artists’ Collective Policy, Dance – Opera – Theatre (DOT) Policy, or the INDIE 2.2);


iii) confirm that 2/3rds (66%) of all APPLICABLE ROLES (see below) are professional artists, who either:

– are full members of a relevant professional artists’ association (CAEA, ACTRA, UDA, APASQ, IATSE, etc.);
– have completed specialized training in their field (not necessarily in academic institutions) ;
– have a history of public presentation, performance or publication (minimum five years).

–  performers;
–  writers;
–  composers and lyricists;
–  directors;
–  designers;
–  musical directors;
–  choreographers;
–  fight directors;
–  stage managers.

–  understudies, swings, and guest performers;
–  dramaturgs;
–  assistants;
–  coaches;
–  mentors;
–  producers and administrations.

Independent companies wishing to register their professional production for METAs consideration will be asked to submit detailed information to validate the previous criteria.

Consideration for “New Text (Original or Adaptation)” and / or “New Translation”

For a new text to be eligible for METAs consideration, the professional production must also:

8.  be a world premiere;

9.  be written, adapted or translated by a Montreal writer or translator;


     be commissioned by a Montreal-based company.

For eligible new musicals, the credit will be awarded collectively to the book writer(s), composer(s), and lyricist(s).

Community Theatre
A Community Theatre production is one produced by an organization that is not and does not intend to become professional.

To be eligible for consideration, Community Theatre productions must agree to offer a minimum of 10 complimentary tickets for the members of the METAs Community Jury, over the course of at least six (6) performances, over at least two (2) consecutive weekends in Montreal (including the Greater Montreal Area and the Eastern Townships).

The METAs Community Jury selects one (1) outstanding production to honour each year.

Productions NOT Eligible for METAs Consideration:
–  workshops, readings, or showcases;
–  improvised plays;
–  training productions;
–  festival productions (including off-festival productions);
–  productions remounted or revived within five (5) years of the original METAs registered production;
–  productions presented as part of a Montreal company season where the presenting company’s creative or producing involvement is negligible;
–  touring productions:

“Touring” denotes productions originating outside of Montreal, where Montreal is a stop on a multi-city tour, and where the development and creative process of the production has negligible ties to the Montreal community. Exceptions may be made for school touring productions, provided at least nine (9) performances in Montreal are accessible to the members of the METAs Jury. The METAs Committee determines eligibility of school touring productions on a case-by-case basis.

Anti-Harassment Policy
The METAs embraces an open and inclusive environment, and encourages respectful behaviour that affirms the dignity of all individuals. The METAs further recognizes our shared responsibility for vigilance in creating and maintaining this safe environment. Companies registered for METAs consideration must adhere to the METAs Anti-Harassment Policy. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of the company’s registration(s), rendering their production(s) ineligible for METAs consideration.

Rulings on Eligibility
Requests for clarification of uncertain eligibility must be submitted to the METAs Committee at least six (6) weeks prior to the opening performance in Montreal. The METAs Committee has final ruling on eligibility.

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Eligibility criteria are subject to change.

UPDATED: August 1, 2019