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METAs Media Summary 2013-2014

“Theatre Awards: Top Girls tops at 2014 METAs” Pat Donnelly – The Montreal Gazette, October 19, 2014

“Theatre Award Season: The Siminovitch and the METAS” Pat Donnelly – The Montreal Gazette, October 3, 2014


METAs Media Summary 2012-2013

“The most significant moment of 2013 from a theatrical point of view was October 21, the night of the META awards. It was the first time in the history of English-language theatre [in Montreal] that professionals rewarded their own.” “Gazette Moment of the Year in Theatre”

“the evening had the necessary sense of occasion that makes award ceremonies work and there was a strong sense of solidarity in the room.” First Edition of META Awards Gives Boost to English theatre Artists in Montreal

The Gazette, October 22, 2013
“The ceremony seemed to go off without a hitch. As one would hope, the crowd was both attentive and supportive”, October 22, 2013
“First Edition of Montreal English Theatre Awards (METAs) Held at the Rialto Theatre”
“ what made the first METAs ceremony such a success was how the organizers managed to make the event look like a polished showbiz awards show that you see at the height of awards season” 

“with the success of the first edition of the METAs, as well the QDF’s quarterly theatrical calendar launches, it clearly shows how English language theatre is going nowhere but up here in Montreal; and now this growing community has something to look forward to every October to celebrate its accomplishments on a grand scale.”

Montreal Times, October 27, 2013
“Well over two hundred people showed up to celebrate Montreal’s local talent…The gala reminds us that not only is there a great amount of talent residing in Montreal but a close sense of camaraderie too.” “Inaugural Awards celebrate the finest in Montreal English language theatre”

October 22, 2013
Curtains Up at the METAs

October 22, 2013
“METAfyzzical fun and prizes”
“The First Annual METAs at the Rialto”

“Sparkly, fun, funny event!” + interview with Jeremy Hecthman

October 28, 2013
Montreal English Theatre Awards Inaugurated

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