METAs Jury

PACT and Independent Categories

The METAs Jury is selected by the METAs Committee (METAC) and is comprised of 20 Montreal-based, professional theatre artists from varied disciplines. All Jurors must sign a non-disclosure agreement. A minimum of 12 Jurors attends each eligible production. The producing companies provide complimentary tickets for jurors, which are booked through the company’s box office, subject to availability.

The jury convenes quarterly during the season to discuss the merits of the productions seen, facilitated by an impartial moderator. Jurors then secretly “flag” the elements they consider to be outstanding.

At the end of the season, the Jury is presented with the complete list of “flags” they selected. Jurors then vote secretly to pick their top three (3) in each category. Points are allocated hierarchically and votes are tabulated by the METAC to form a long list of nominees.

The METAC forms an Executive Jury by choosing five (5) members of the Jury who have a good attendance record. The Executive Jury is presented with the tabulated scores for each category and decides how many nominees to include in each category, based on the tabulated scores. The Executive Jury normally selects the top five (5) scores, but may choose to have only four (4) nominees or to include a sixth (6th) nominee if the scores show a clear delineation, or in case of a tie in scores, for example.

The Jury is then presented with the list of nominees and asked to choose one recipient per category, by secret ballot. Only Jurors who have seen 2/3rds (or 66%) of all registered productions may participate in the final vote. Each secret ballot sheet is personalized to avoid conflicts of interest: if a Juror is nominated, he or she cannot vote in that specific category.

The ballot sheets are tabulated by an independent accounting firm. Any ties are submitted to a new vote, until the accounting firm can confirm there is a single recipient for each category. The accounting firm provides sealed envelopes with the names of the recipients, to be opened during the Awards Ceremony.


Community Theatre Award

A separate Community Jury assesses registered community productions. Each Juror must sign a non-disclosure agreement, and votes by mail-in ballot at the end of the season by choosing his or her top three (3) choices. Scores are tabulated by the METAC, and the recipient of the Outstanding Community Production Award is unveiled during the Awards Ceremony.


Honorary Awards

The METAC forms independent ad hoc committees for each honorary award. These committees study all submitted materials for each nominated individual or company, and choose a recipient by deliberating and then voting secretly. The METAC may choose to inform the honourees before the ceremony to ensure they will be present and to allow them to prepare an acceptance speech. The METAs currently have two (2) honorary awards:

Unsung Hero of the Theatre (UHOT)

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)