1. Q: Why do we need theatre awards in Montreal?

These awards have been established to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of artists working in English Theatre in Montreal. The Montreal theatre community will benefit locally, nationally, and internationally from these awards. They will generate media attention, by announcing nominations and winners in local and national media. They will benefit artists and companies when applying for grants and for acceptance to festivals both here and abroad. Other major cities across Canada have peer—juried awards, and it’s time for Montreal to be counted among them. We are an important theatre hub that produces excellent work that should be recognized and celebrated.

Q: How were the categories of PACT, Independent and Community chosen?


These categories were determined in order to reflect an understanding of the conditions under which different companies work, not the quality of the work they produce. They are defined as follows:

  • A PACT Production is one that is produced by a company who is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) or an equivalent Francophone association.
  • An Independent Company is one that is not a member of PACT but is primarily comprised of theatre professionals, that pays its creative and production team even if this payment takes the form of a profit-share or honorarium, so long as a minimum of 50% +1 of all company members (including production team) are paid professionals who intend to or already make theatre their career.
  • Community productions are those produced by community organizations who are presenting these productions for the community they serve and without the intention of becoming a professional company.


Q: Why do you have 20 jurors?


The jury is composed of theatre practitioners from across the disciplines, so this number allows for a good variety of people. We want the jury to be able to have balanced discussions about the shows and to engage in strong debates, therefore the more people seeing each show, the better. Having a jury of 20 people ensures that on average 15 jurors will see each eligible show (given that there will be some jurors who will have a conflict of interest with the show or won’t be able to make it due to scheduling issues.) There is also the possibility that a juror may need to leave the jury because of unforeseen circumstances. 20 jurors ensures that each show gets its fair share of attention and consideration.


Q: How are the Awards Categories determined? (i.e.: Outstanding Actress, etc.)


These seemed to be the most obvious choices, but we are open to this evolving over time. there is a system in place whereby the jury can propose the addition of an award category if they feel there is an element that absolutely needs recognition that year.


Q: Why do there have to be 9 performances over two weekends for a show to be eligible?


This number of performances was chosen to make sure that each eligible show was in fact a fully realized production over two weekends, and to ensure that a significant number of jurors can see the show. In a shorter run, the possibility of getting a sufficient number of jurors out to see the show would be unrealistic, and would therefore be unfair.


Q: What does the registration fee cover for these awards?


Registration fees go towards administration costs incurred by the committee. This project (including the awards ceremony that takes place in October) is a huge undertaking, and these registration fees cover only a small percentage.