We all know that it takes a lot of dedicated people, hard-work and resources to make theatre – well the same is true of theatre awards. The METAs would not be possible without the generous time and talents of its many volunteers.

Here are some of the ways in which the METAs are currently sustained by dedicated people and institutions:

  • The totally, completely volunteer time and energy of the Committee and Jury
  • Administrative support from the Quebec Drama Federation (including help with publicity, costs of mailing ballots, logo design, etc.)
  • Donation of the beautiful Rialto theatre, as well as other in-kind sponsorships
  • Registration fees from theatre companies
  • Ticket sales for the event
  • Paid ads in the METAs program
  • The volunteer time and talent of the gala’s Hosts, Presenters, Writers and ushers

These are all key to the event’s survival, and greatly appreciated! But unfortunately they don’t cover all the costs, such as:

  • The production of the METAs statues
  • Catering, and technical support
  • Providing free tickets to all nominees
  • Miscellaneous costs like piano tuning, printing tickets, transporting equipment, etc.

We are committed to keeping tickets free for nominees and reasonable for guests, and to creating an event that celebrates our theatre community’s talent with style. To do so, we need to raise some money!

Donate Now Through!  (please choose METAs from the drop down menu to allocate your funds accordingly)

Please consider donating or volunteering your time! Please visit the CONTACT US page if you would like to inquire about alternate ways of donating or to volunteer.